I will often look at my child with great admiration. And on other days I feel like hanging her up on the line with the rest of the washing.

Many of you will understand exactly what I mean, those who have experienced what I have come to believe is the highest calling in life: parenting.

And when you watch your little ones at play, and older ones at study, have you ever stopped to consider: what exactly the purpose of our children truly is?

Perhaps you may have thought it as simply bringing joy into one’s life. I would agree that that is certainly part of their purpose. After all, what brings more joy than that of a child’s pure laughter? I personally cannot think of anything that brings more joy than that simple, blissful, and authentic sound.

Perhaps their purpose might be to learn our ways and continue the conditioned processes we have followed as adults and have adapted from our parents and from their parents. Certainly, many of these “processes” serve humanity as a whole and adds value to people’s lives. Equally certainly, there are processes that need dissolve and disappear, forever, and perhaps another purpose is our children’s ability to recognise those which do not add value to the people’s lives they encounter, and which can be discarded?

You might even be thinking children’s purpose is to serve their parents, siblings, and families, and I would most definitely agree that this has a part to play. They do need to serve their families, as should every family member in the household, each with their ‘job, their part to play. It may be as simple as dad in his natural providing and disciplinarian roll, or mom being the natural nurturer and teacher who guides the children and always ensures that they grasp what is true about life and what is not, assisting them with staying on track with the larger picture. Her role be also be to ensure that the family’s spiritual wellbeing stays intact by demonstrating true integrity and commitment to her children and husband at all times. Or it may it be a sibling who teaches how to stand your ground when things gets tough and conversation gets heavy – or – how to simply look after one’s own things.

But what if children’s true purpose is to change the face of humanity, as we know it?

What if they truly arrived here, for the sake of changing the way we have created this upside-down world, to one of natural, harmonious bliss, in which all and everyone will be able to live in harmony and peace, as life is intended to be?

As a homeschool parent of a child who – at the age of six and a half – has never been to school, I often see in my daughter, with her strong will, a determination to do things differently to what we expect. I believe that this is, in essence, such a beautiful quality children possess. Of course I don’t accept it when that will is being forced onto us, as her parents. Oh no, that kind of energy simply has no place in our household. Forcing anything in life is not an option. But the need to express that freewill is beautiful and am I aware that I have it in my power, as her mother, to direct this freewill so she gracefully (and sometimes not) expresses it in a positive manner which will serve humanity as a whole and assist the process which needs to happen in order for people to reach a place of peace and joy, collectively.

I recognise that the purpose of children is to ensure that the future does not get repeated with the disasters of the past.

I enjoy the thought that she has the will to go out into the world one day and make her stand in changing that which does not serve humanity and contribute to the well-being of people.

Homeschooling, I have found, offers the opportunity for us as a family to partake in this change that needs to occur. We are able to teach our child to grow her own food, to work with money on a daily basis, to become self-sustainable and ensure that she understands that we are each responsible for ourselves and our own choices and – ultimately – for the animals and the planet.

Whenever I look at the state of current affairs, not only in our own country regarding health, politics, education etc., but globally too, I am reminded of how desperately we need new leaders to change the current systems which do not take into consideration the wellbeing of all people. The systems which are only one-sided and that do not allow people the freedom to choose in life.

I find homeschooling to offer that opportunity to us not only families, but to our children as well.

My child can finish all her schoolwork for the day in 1-2 hours flat, and the rest of the day she can simply be a child and express the beautiful qualities she possesses through her interests such as music, gardening, socialising with her friends, helping to keep the home clean, preparing food, reading, cycling, and nurturing the pets.

These kind of daily practices – which she gets to do through homeschooling – is what will lead her to become the person she will be, when she is ready to leave home one day. A person who can go into the world and demonstrate living a life of self-sustainability and sufficiency – all done with a strong will, determination, and perseverance.

All the while we as her parents can sit back and enjoy a long holiday at the Bahamas (cause that’s where you’ll find me) with the peaceful knowing that she is enjoying adulthood with a level head, with confidence, as is well-rooted and grounded with integrity.

Isn’t that the ultimate intention of raising a child, after all?

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