About the SAHB Reading Club

This initiative is brought to you by a homeschool mum – for homeschool families. The aim of this club is to equip parents and children to participate in reading and socialising regularly. When children see other children read, something amazing happens; they also pick up a book and read. This is exactly what we aim for. We want children to read more, and doing it in a group makes it effortless.  I have heard many testimonies from moms, telling me how their children suddenly want to read more. And of course, a small reward does motivate a lot!

How it works

What is a Reading Club? Why not call it Book Club? Because with book clubs, the clubs are small. They only cater to one age group, meetings are held only 4-6 times a year, they are forced to read books not everyone likes, books must be bought, everyone reads the same material, and everyone is forced to speak in front of a group. That will not fly with us homeschoolers. Each child is unique!

A Reading Club, on the other hand, is a group of children/ teens meeting up to read individually and socialise. The group does not read the same material. Each child or teen can read whatever they like, what is suitable for their age, language and/or ability. The books can be brought from home or from the library. Because a reading club works at an individual’s pace, it caters to a wide range of reading levels and ages. Clubs can be big or small. It will encourage reading as a fun hobby. It will also help parents engage with their children’s reading. The more ways we can get children reading, the better!

Every child reads at their own pace, and ability.

Each SAHB Reading Club will be provided with 36 practical and carefully designed PDF files – a total of 104 Pages. This gives a Reading Club structure.

Please note: Children may also opt for audio books, read along, or online books. Some children are more comfortable in this area, which is fine. The joy of homeschooling is that we can play to our children’s strengths.

Reasons to start a Reading Club

You may ask yourself: Why should I start a Reading Club? Why not just another social club? Well, I believe that an easy-to-follow structure will eliminate most of the guess work. For example, what do you do when you’ve exhausted your entertainment ideas? Or how long will everyone be okay with spending money on outings? What do you do when your organiser doesn’t feel like planning events resulting in a lack of socialising for the kids? What do you do to keep the meetings interesting?

That is why I designed this easy-to-organise, easy-to-run, flexible structure. It accommodates all ages and stimulates the kids socially and academically. Children get the opportunity to improve their reading, expand on general knowledge, and share fascinating facts and interesting book titles with their peers. An activity of this caliber is a rare find and a blessing. As you take the first step on this amazing journey, you are creating an environment of endless possibilities for the diverse and creative homeschooling community. For this reason, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.