Race Against Time: Revenge in the Silent Tomb by J.J. Fortune

It wasn’t the extract that made me read this book. It was the front cover that caught my attention. It’s a picture of three people in a pit of deadly scorpions!

Revenge in the Silent Tomb is the first book in the Race Against Time series by J.J. Fortune.

When Stephen Lane heard he had to stay with his boring uncle Richard for a whole weekend he thought he would only watch a new movie, The Caves of Gold, about a hundred times. Instead his uncle turned out to be an adventurer.

I liked the book, because it isn’t only the men that have all the fun. There is a girl too, Lorelei, that is just as daring as uncle Richard. She and the whole film crew helped to catch the wicket, but not so smart, bandit chief, Ali Ben Kir.
This book was so trilling I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in the middle of the night, while everybody else was sleeping. Just don’t tell my parents!

Everybody that likes adventure stories, where you feel you are in the story, will like this book.
I am looking for the second book in the series, Escape from Raven Castle. In the back of the book they put in a bit of the first page and it started with Stephen waking up in a train cart pressing the wrong button on his watch, that made a beam of light and then he saw someone was strangling uncle Richard! This is how fast these books get trilling and that is what happens the whole time. Someone is on the verge of hurting or killing them and then they escape just in time.

I think this book is a 6 out of 5 star adventure!