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Brainline is an innovative, quality-driven online school, providing home education for Grade R – 12.

Wingu Academy

Wingu Academy offers an internationally recognised British curriculum, (stage 1-9, International GCSE and AS/A levels).

Creative Consciousness International

Creative Consciousness is a pioneer and thought leader in the field of human empowerment and consciousness development since the early 90’s, offering a complete portfolio of trans-formational programs to ignite and empower a person’s  or company’s full potential and authentic drive.

Daydreamers: storytelling for Juniors (ages 10-13)

Daydreamers is a storytelling course. It’s as simple as that. Designed for 10 to 13 year olds, it is easy to understand, easy to follow and – more importantly – it gives you permission to Daydream.

So perhaps it is an experience, rather than a course. With 12 Lessons over 6 Modules, the course comes complete with interactive and beautifully designed Workbooks, and a short video for each Lesson. The Workbooks give you instruction, provide examples, and get your creative juices flowing with comprehensive – yet easy to do – exercises.

Tremendous Teacher

We are qualified, passionate and excited teachers who want to carry these traits over to learners through our educational boxes and to make a difference in the lives of learners and their education.

Academy of Excellence

Academy of Excellence in Maths and Science. Trevor has a combined experience of 25 years of teaching, lecturing and tutoring across a vast range of different subjects, curricula and levels from primary school right through to tertiary university levels. He is able to produce clear and concise summaries of core concepts, together with perfect worked examples and thorough explanations, making full understanding much simpler for students. He has already produced many great Mathematicians, Scientists and Engineers over the years.

Ivy Academy

Ivy Academy is an Accredited Online Distance Education Provider that provides live, interactive online lessons to students. Ivy Academy caters to students who are studying towards their National Senior Certificate by means of the CAPS Curriculum or alternatively would like to achieve a certificate of exemption with a Cambridge International qualification – which benchmarks learners on an international level.