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About us and our Team:

SA Homeschool Beat was initially inspired by a group of homeschooling parents, who all share the same passion, commitment and understanding of the value of homeschooling children in the modern age.

Initially, we were a newspaper, which soon emerged into an online magazine and started growing into what it has become today. SA Homeschool Beat is an authentic and organic digital magazine, specifically aimed to provide the homeschooling child and parent with a platform from which they can find all and any information required in order to fulfil the journey of homeschooling – effectively and comfortably – in their own home.

Even though we are not a profit-generating organisation, we do offer another aspect to the homeschooling parent, which is an opportunity to invest in the initiative with either a skill, financially or with a contribution that will benefit the homeschooling community and will open up the possibility of making a living from their involvement through this initiative.

Our dedicated team – who are all full time parents to homeschool children – have each played an essential part in getting this initiative up and running with precise sufficiency, aside from the busy schedules each of us encounters every day.

Our passion and commitment in leaving the homeschooling community empowered – and with a sense of confidence – is what we aim for at all times.

We trust that you will enjoy every part which SA Homeschool Beat has to offer.

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