I remember the day – as clear as daylight – when I first became a mother. That day, after having been in labour for 20 hours and finally gotten the opportunity to look into the most beautiful blue eyes – which gazed right back at me from the moment that little naked body was placed on my bare chest in the birthing-bathtub – I immediately realised there was no manual to guide me though this journey.

I knew, in that moment, that I had to speak to someone for guidance, in order to make a success of the most important job I would ever do in my entire life. My highest calling in life – parenthood – was beckoning, and I knew I would not be able to do it all on my own.

Yet, I had no clue as to whom I could turn. I knew for a fact that I couldn’t speak to my mother, because the last time she had a baby of her own was over 30 years ago; that seemed a bit way out and no option at all for me.

Being someone who has consciously witnessed and observed life, with all and everything that was going on in the world with a sincere eye and a great concern, I was not satisfied with the mainstream way in which I found us doing things in this “new age” way of living. Seeing the way in which children are raised in our times, health-wise, emotionally or mentally, seemed somewhat ‘off’ to me. That wasn’t what I had in mind for my baby. Something just wasn’t sitting right about this whole “new age” way we do things in this western world – or civilization, as they call it. I’ve observed how so many children, who are raised according to the modern ways of living, do so many things which does not serve humanity for the greater good – not to mention the level of disrespect and disregard for not only people and their own parents, but also for the world at large. I was not going to follow this way – I was certain of that.

As a new mother who was committed to questioning everything that wasn’t working in the world, as well as finding the true cause of things and finding solutions to bring about a new transformation to raising consciously aware children in our times, I was determined to raise my child with the purpose of making a difference in this world, so that she can be an individual who can add absolute value to all people’s lives in every possible way imaginable.

I was determined, that if there was only one thing I will be 100% successful with, in all the endeavors I have had in my entire life, it would be this one.

I wanted to follow a natural, authentic, and organic approach to this new calling I was blessed with.

After thinking long and hard about whom I could turn to for sound advice, there was only one person that came to mind, who would offer true, meaningful, effective and genuine advise, and guidance and support. Someone who had the relevant, trusted wisdom, that would accommodate my desire to raise this child, who would assist in changing the world and make it a place that will be inheritable for our future generations.

Her name was Aleksandra Trent.

Aleksandra was only 66 when we met, and 73 years old when I approached her about parenting. Though she had not – by choice – bared any children of her own, she was still wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.

Her knowledge seemed like something not from this world.

She was by far that one person whom I could trust with my whole life and whose advice always proved 100% accurate and verifiable.

She always gave old fashioned advice. You know, the kind that has been covered in dust by these modern ways, though 100% verifiable. The kind of advice that you would get from a granny who had raised many children of her own. She was just like an angel: well-disciplined in every aspect of her being and determined to help anyone who knocked on her door. Her purpose was clearly to make a difference in the world with grace, wisdom and a true love and compassion for humanity.

Aleksandra had tremendous amounts of knowledge, regardless of the fact that she had raised no children. She did not only have immense knowledge on raising children, but about maintaining physical health (and spiritual matters too). She had knowledge about things no else had, not even the most advanced and specialised doctors whom I’ve met in the medical field, or even those I’ve read about. The authentic knowledge she offered ALWAYS proved to have positive results. There was not a single person’s knowledge that exceeded that of Aleksandra’s.

It was evident whom I needed to accept guidance from. It wasn’t even a question any longer. It was as clear as daylight.

Of course I had serious resistance from everyone I knew and met. I mean, how can anyone possibly follow someone’s knowledge or advice who has not studied health or psychology out of a medical book, right?

Whenever I would advise a mother on knowledge which I got from Aleksandra, which I had verified to be effective and true, I would get a look of: “have you lost your marbles, woman; she is not even a mother or a doctor and you are taking advice from such a woman?”

But I simply couldn’t be bothered with the ideas and judgments of peoples’ beliefs and opinions; I knew it in my heart. I had walked a path with Aleksandra for the 7 years prior to becoming a parent myself, touching on topics like my own personal health and spiritual issues, and I had seen the results in my own life from her knowledge and wisdom.

There were many times when I turned to medical doctors who not only advised on my health, but also prescribed medication, which always resulted in either more medical conditions or caused severe side effects, always leaving us flat broke and with no permanent or positive cure, nor results. Yet, Aleksandra’s ‘old fashioned’, natural, and alternative ways and advice always literally cured and cleared the problem up permanently; the actual practice of the advice was followed through in a timely manner and exactly as she suggested.

Of course I was going to continue following this alternative way, without a doubt. It would be very silly of me to not follow such knowledge which had proved actual and permanent results, every single time.

So that was the day my journey of parenting started, side-by-side with my parenting and health mentor, Aleksandra Trent.

To be continued: