You don’t normally go looking for ‘alternative schooling’ until traditional schooling fails you. But once you’ve joined KOA, you wonder why you didn’t look sooner. We have 3 kids, Grade 5, 6 and 8, all currently with KOA, each with completely different characters, personalities and learning styles. KOA has allowed them each to grow and thrive in their own way. They each get what they need. The way the courses and curriculum is setup has helped my children grow in confidence and skills. The approach of the team at KOA towards future proofing kids with skills they will actually use in their adult lives, skills that will set them apart from their peers, amazes me. KOA even helps us as parents with navigating the world of social media and online safely and with confidence. We are proud to be part of the KOA family and will tell anyone who wants to listen.

Chantal le Roux