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Fun Facts!

Het jy Geweet? / Did you know?

Troeteldiere is goed vir jou gesondheid. Navorsing het bewys troeteldiere kan mense help om te ontspan en kan spanning verminder. / Pets are good for your health. Studies have proven that pets can relax people and lessen their stress.

Katte spin gewoonlik om te wys dat hulle gelukkig is of aandag soek. Soms spin katte egter ook as hulle bang is of pyn verduur. / Cats purr when they are happy or want attention. Sometimes cats wil also purr when they are afraid or in pain.

Jare gelede is kanaries gebruik om giftige gasse in myne op te spoor. Omdat kanaries baie sensitief is vir giftige gasse in die lug, is hulle onder in myne aangehou om mense se lewe te red. As die kanarie skielik doodgaan, was dit ‘n teken dat daar giftige gasse in die lug is en dat myners so vinnig as moontlik moes ontruim. / Years ago canaries were used in mines to detect harmful gases. Because canaries are very sensitive to gases in the air, they were kept underground in mines to save peoples lives. If the canary suddenly died then the miners knew that there was dangerous gases in the air and they would evacuate.

In party Afrikalande is guppies in mere en damme vrygelaat in ‘n poging om malaria te bestry. Die guppies vreet die muskietlarwes en verminder sodoende die malariadraende muskiete. / In some African countries guppies were released in dams in an attempt to control malaria outbreaks. The guppies eat the mosquito larvae and in doing so also kill any malaria carrying mosquitos.

Die woord “hamster” is afgelei van die Duitse woord hamstern wat “opgaarder” beteken. Hamsters stop hul kieste vol kos en steek dit in opgaarplekke weg om later te vreet. / The word “hamster” is from the German word hamstern which means “hoarder”. Hamsters stuff their cheeks full of food and hoard it in places in order to eat it later.

Troeteldiere, ‘n Gids vir beginners deur Jaco Jacobs


Dog by Nathan Olpin, 8. Love Birds by Angelique Olpin, 11. Ginger Cat by Hanlé van der Colff, 6.

Jokes and Riddles

Alive without breath
Cold as death
Never thirsty, ever drinking
All in mail never clinking
What am I?

A pet fish!

Riddle by Ethan Gibbons, 16

Why did the frog go to the doctor?
Because he felt a little green!

Joke by Pieter van der Colff, 6

DIY: Pupcakes


(Recipe taken from the website Instructables, Pupcakes and modified for South African use. Tried and tested.)



  • 4 cups Dry Dog Food (broken up in a food processor)
  • 1 cup Wet Dog Food
  • 1 cup Peanut Butter (unsweetened with no xylitol)
  • 1/3 cup Honey
  • 1/3 cup Canola Oil
  • 1 grated or pureed Apple (or carrot)
  • Some water
  • Paper cupcake holders

For the Icing: 1 cup Cooked Pumpkin (a spoonful for each pupcake)

Yields about 1 and a half dozen.



Set Oven to 180 degrees.

Mix the all the ingredients into a sticky paste. If the paste is still a little dry then add some water but be careful of too much. It must be a sticky paste.

In a muffin or cupcake tin put the cupcake holders and spoon in the mixture to about a centimetre from the top. They will rise but only a little bit.

When you’re finished mixing, let your babies lick the mixer or the bowl!  This is fun and cute to do, plus, it’s the 1st taste test!

Bake for about 25 – 35 min until they are dark.

Let cool then ice them with the cooked pumpkin.

Any leftovers can be frozen and warmed up for later use.


Cats chase mice. Dogs chase cats. Snakes eat mice. This is not ALWAYS the case though. It’s called a stereotype. A stereotype is a fixed idea about a particular type of person or thing. For this activity I am going to ask you to shake up the stereotypes of pets. You are going to draw a cartoon!


What stereotype do you want to shake up?

Look at the following examples as a guideline then draw your own creation. The drawing does not need to be perfect. Just shake up those stereotypes and have fun!

Letters and Poems

Ek is ‘n “Zanie”

Deur Elzaan van der Colff, 13

Ek is ‘n ‘Zanie”,

klein, oulik, tuff, liefdevol, sterk en baie meer,

maar ek is nie op enige manier ‘n leer.

Nee, ek is kort en daar is geen ander woord,

maar as jy my leer ken sal jy sien

dat die noem naam “shorty” is gladnie ‘n naam wat ek verdien.


Ek hou van kompiteer en ek hou van sing

en om liefde in mense se harte te bring,

maar jy moet onthou ek, soos ‘n handgrenaat,

kan ook baie skade doen, so vat my raad…

moet nie met my sukkel nie, want dan sal jy dit kry,

en heel moontlik ook nooit weer met my wil stry.


Daar is nie baie goed wat ek nie van hou,

maar wat ek nie waardeer

is wanneer kinders my aspris irriteer.

Ja dit druk ‘n knop, ja dit bring dit uit,

die monster wat ek nogal baie toesluit.

‘n “Hee” en ‘n “haa”, ‘n hoë “pitched” skree,

nou dit het die mooi gesig uit gevee.


En moet nie raai hoe oud ek is nie,

want dan gaan jy my heeltemal mis.

Skooltyd is oor en “lunch” is om,

maar ek is nie klaar nie, en ek is nie dom.


Joseph, the one and only

Joseph the goat’s story didn’t begin happily. He was born on the 9th of August, 2015 on Place of Hope farm, one of a twin. He was the smaller one, and couldn’t stand up because he was so weak. Joseph’s mother rejected him, and so, we decided to take him in and hand rear him.

For the first two days, Joseph showed no signs of improvement, and we worried he wouldn’t make it much longer, when he proved us wrong and flourished. He became strong enough to stand, and after that he was all over the place!

Joseph loved apples and making new friends! He often tried to play with horses… that weren’t interested!

4 moths after we got Joseph, we adopted Tombi, a female Saanen goat. The two were practically inseparable! Joseph continued to get himself into trouble, like forever escaping and running around the farms!

But unfortunately, 3 years later, Joseph’s curiosity got the better of him, and while trying to play with a pig, he was bitten. The bite got infected and Joseph passed away on the 8th of February 2019.

He was the most gentle, kindest animal we’ve owned and we miss him dearly.

Letter By Jadyn Muller, 13.