A true Inspiration to ALL our Homeschoolers. Jamon Jordan who previously attended Grey High and left in Grade 10. Started homeschooling due to facing challenges with the school curriculum and achieving 29% for Maths. He turned the clock back by starting with Grade 3 Math and caught up all on his own.  This homeschooler from Bloemfontein transferred to Southern New Hampshire University last year October, and is currently completing his studies in BSc Computer Science with Physics online. He is on the Honour Roll at Southern New Hampshire, and was recently named to the Southern New Hampshire’s Winter University’s President’s List for 2022. His GPA score is 4.0 – the highest possible, with Subject averages of 95% and Assignment scores of 100%. This is Homeschooling At Its Best!!!! If he can keep it that way he will pass his degree at the end of August with either a Summa Cum Laud or Magna Cum Laude. The Presidents List is the Highest at the American Universities. What an Achievement!!!!

Well done Jamon that’s one Giant Leap for Homeschoolers! We are all rooting for you!!!