Meeting with the Dept of Education for Working group.


As the chairperson for the Gauteng Association for homeschooling, I had the delightful honor of being invited to South Africa’s first “working group” meeting, with the Department of Education here in Gauteng on Wednesday, 18 May 2022. The meeting was scheduled to run for 4 hours, starting at 10am, with the intention of informing the government [...]

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IEB, Cambridge or DBE: Which one to choose?


There are a number of systems available from which to study. The trouble is, which one does one choose? Most of the so-called ‘elite’ private schools use either IEB or Cambridge. All state schools are obligated to use the DBE systems, which is basically CAPS. It might help to understand some of the history of [...]

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S.A’s First National Homeschooling Athletics Day.


The SA Homeschool Beat went to South Africa’s first ever athletics race event, which took place at Laerskool Wonderboom on Saturday, 26 February 2022. This massively successful event was inspired by Eben and Michelle Steyn, who did an absolutely amazing job at co coordinating the entire event. What they did was divide the teams into [...]

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2022 Home Education Expos


Dear Homeschooler, In South Africa and worldwide, we are observing a changing paradigm in education. In reflecting on the future readiness of their children and taking on self-responsibility, more and more parents are moving away from state-run education to other alternatives. This is especially evident in the fast-growing movement towards homeschooling – South Africa is [...]

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Some Exciting News!


We have some exciting news to share! We’d like to welcome three new members onboard the S.A Homeschool Beat team. Without wasting any time, let’s get to it and meet them straight away: Catherine Dorian Catherine Dorian is our new editor onboard. Catherine is an established school teacher from Massachusetts, USA, who has left the [...]

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Humanitarian relief in Natal- the home-school community played their part.


On Tuesday morning 13 July 2021, the day started as any other July morning, with all of us attending to our normal early morning chores, when suddenly a WhatsApp video appeared on my phone… What seemed to be a video of some foreign country in distress, with people breaking into shops, looting everything, I froze [...]

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Thoughts from an educational psychologist on education.


I used to think ‘I know what education is’. I mean, I studied educational psychology. 'The child in context’ is my apparent field of expertise. But then there was a recent day when I had to define education in my own words. And suddenly, all my years at university came together in muddled, yet disconnected [...]

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Homeschooling from a teachers perspective.


"I obtained my Teacher’s Diploma at the Teachers’ College,"says Martin, "and while I was doing my education degree in Education at university, my first job was to homeschool a Grade 5 boy." "I would travel to his home every day and give lessons in all subjects until 12h30," he continues. "But my introduction to homeschooling [...]

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Die Gauteng Alternatiewe Onderwys Ekspo.


Die KragDag-span, in samewerking met SA Homeschoolers, het weereens ’n suksesvolle opvoedkunde-ekspo op 15 Mei 2021 by die Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria aangebied. Die Gauteng Alternatiewe Onderwys Ekspo het gefokus op privaat alternatiewe tot staatsonderwys en -opleiding. Hierdie ekspo het voorheen grotendeels op tuisonderwys gefokus en as die Gauteng Tuisonderwys Ekspo bekend gestaan. Toe die [...]

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