Meeting with the Dept of Education for Working group.


As the chairperson for the Gauteng Association for homeschooling, I had the delightful honor of being invited to South Africa’s first “working group” meeting, with the Department of Education here in Gauteng on Wednesday, 18 May 2022. The meeting was scheduled to run for 4 hours, starting at 10am, with the intention of informing the government [...]

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Number 1 Reason for Homeschooling!


With school holidays here, we are feeling delighted and joyful. As we take our daily walks though the estate in which we reside, we notice the school-going kids taking a ride on their bicycles at 11 in the morning, or two primary-schooled brothers playing soccer at the local park. It is such a jolly feeling, [...]

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IEB, Cambridge or DBE: Which one to choose?


There are a number of systems available from which to study. The trouble is, which one does one choose? Most of the so-called ‘elite’ private schools use either IEB or Cambridge. All state schools are obligated to use the DBE systems, which is basically CAPS. It might help to understand some of the history of [...]

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Discipline – Nature vs. Nurture, Part 8!


I have always had this negative perspective about the word discipline, because of the way in which I was disciplined as a child. So I decided to explore this crucial part of parenting and homeschooling in this article. So here it is–as promised! But let’s just be clear about one thing before we start. My [...]

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Life After School


You’re old enough to vote, drive, go to pubs, stay out late and do as you please. Ahh, those heady days of freedom! So, you’ve finished school now. Congratulations! 12 years of slog and hard work are behind you, but the daunting days of tertiary education lie ahead. What do you do now? There are [...]

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Things I’ve learned about homeschooling…as a dad and husband


My wife and I have been homeschooling our two for…what…nine years now, I reckon. I’d like to think that makes us veterans but that implies that we’re somehow experts at this and I’m not sure anyone truly becomes an expert. Oh, sure, you can learn the differences between the American High School Diploma and the [...]

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Juggling work, studying and homeschooling.


As a full time homeschool mother, wife, taxi driver, “family-medic,” “family-psy-chologist,” cheerleader, cook, cleaner, educator and just in general, a living, breathing human, I recently realized that my biggest dream for my child is to have a decent education that will grant her freedom for her future. As a child, I personally never had the [...]

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Homeschooling: Accounting at Its Best!


Have you noticed that we live in such a fast-moving society, where kids are struggling to keep up with the basic ways in which we operate in the modern world? Take a moment and think back to how simple things were 25+ years ago, when we still needed to physically go into a bank to [...]

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