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How do I interest my child in reading?


I was almost a world authority on Pre-Industrial era stamps. I could see it all, stretching out before me. I would do the lecture circuit, travelling to Monaco and Paris, dining with other stamp greats in the Bahamas, sipping cocktails and waxing forth on English postal reform and the advent of the printing press. I [...]

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Review by Salomie Rademeyer (11):


Race Against Time: Revenge in the Silent Tomb by J.J. Fortune It wasn’t the extract that made me read this book. It was the front cover that caught my attention. It’s a picture of three people in a pit of deadly scorpions! Revenge in the Silent Tomb is the first book in the Race Against [...]

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Resensie deur Tristan Heckroodt (16)


Onderwêreld deur Fanie Viljoen. Onderwêreld is ’n jeugroman met ’n kinkel. Dis ’n fantastiese boek om hedendaagse kinders se konsentrasievermoë te verskerp. Die boek is uniek weens die manier waarop dit geskryf is, die konsentrasie wat dit benodig en die intensiteit van besonderhede. As ’n huidige 16-jarige kan ek onthou hoe ek n jaar terug [...]

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Resensie deur Ellard Rademeyer (13):


Tom Swift series by Victor Appleton Om Engelse boeke te lees is vir my so aaklig soos om alleen te verjaar tydens die grendelstaat. Dit was voor ek die Tom Swift reeks ontdek het. Vyf-en-twintig boeke later en ek kan steeds nie wag om die volgende een te lees nie! Die oorspronklike Tom Swift reeks [...]

Resensie deur Ellard Rademeyer (13):2021-03-24T21:16:30+02:00

It’s Competition time again!


It’s Competition time again! You and your entire family can stand a chance to win a one year membership with the Pestalozzi trust, worth R1200.00, by following only 3 simple steps. All you have to do to get your name into the draw, is follow 3 easy steps to stand a chance at this amazing [...]

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Are you looking for something new and engaging for your teen or middle-grader to read this winter?


When feisty and impetuous Raven and her younger brother, the more reserved and middle-of-the-road Rudi, arrive in town to spend some time with their grandfather, it is anything but normal. Going off the deep end is what Raven is often about, and when this happens it spells trouble for Rudi. Not wanting to rock the [...]

Are you looking for something new and engaging for your teen or middle-grader to read this winter?2020-05-04T15:47:10+02:00