Prestasie – Sport


Mckayla Vermaak het 23 Augustus aan die Limpopo WAG Girls O/11 deelgeneem en 1ste gekom(goud gewen), in haar ouderdom. Sy is ook gekkies via die Limpopo span om Gym games te gaan vertegenwoordig by Matsport in Pretoria op die 7 Oktober. (Watch this space!!!) Sy doen tuisonderig deur Nukleus.

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Prestasie – Sport


Melienke Vermaak het 20 Augustus aan die AGN Championskap deelgeneem, en spog met ń typ van 11:40 in die 3km dochters o/11 Landloop. Sy berei nou voor vir track en field. Sy doen tuisonderig deur Moria Tuisonderig. Welgedaan Melienke Vermaak.

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The paper structure winner!!


We were recently asked to help judge the winners for the LETS PLAY's paper structure competition. After a very difficult decision with some amazing entries- the winner was finally decided on and here they are!! Congratulations to our winners, Hayden and Yeva. Your woven paper structure is definitely one of a kind and made you [...]

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Celebrating a true genius!


Intrepid on-the-spot reporter, Gerda Welman, spoke to homeschool stalwart Heinrich Rall about his incredible journey with his son, Hjalmar, a story that is an inspiration to many. Heinrich Rall, believes there are plenty of gifted children in the country, but the question arises about whether parents, and the school system, truly have the capacity to [...]

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Musical Maja is on a roll


It is her love for music and performance which motivates Maja Snyman (13) of Northcliff, Johannesburg, to put in hours without end. This protégée of Russian violin teacher, Irene Tsoniff, had her head set on going to the World Champions of Performing Arts later this year in Los Angeles but, unfortunately, the outbreak of COVID-19 [...]

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Achievements: Sport


Biathlon: From left to right: Darius van der Merwe (15) (North West) completed 20km with his mountain bike and ran 10km in the Ottosdal draf en trap biathlon. Cherié Maree (16) (North West) also completed the 20km mountain bike and 10km running. Lana Maree is one of the homeschool moms. Delarey Maree (14) (North West) completed the Ottosdal [...]

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Achievements: Sport


Endurance horseback Riding: Lane-lèe Muller (15) (North West) participated in the Walvis Bay International Endurance Competition.

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Achievements: Sport


Endurance horseback Riding: Jacques Muller (13) (North West) participated in the Walvis Bay International Endurance Competition in Namibia.  Unfortunately he wasn't able to complete the race. However, he and his horse, Idaho Jiddat, received the prestigious award for the phenomenal bond and companionship showed throughout the competition - especially when they encountered extreme hardships on Dune [...]

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