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Why deschooling can give your homeschool journey a head-start


Starting the homeschool journey is a life changing experience. Like any other such experience, it will have many challenges worth overcoming. I like to compare it with having a baby: no matter how much you prepare yourself and read about it, experiencing it is so much different than reading a book. It takes a long [...]

Why deschooling can give your homeschool journey a head-start2020-05-06T22:02:38+02:00

The Misconceptions of Homeschooling


24 October 2018 An essay on some of the false assumptions made about homeschoolers - and/or homeschooling in general - by traditional scholars. There are three main ‘worries’ that come to mind when traditional scholars, or those who have attended or are attending traditional school, think about homeschooling: schoolwork, physical activity and socialisation. I would [...]

The Misconceptions of Homeschooling2020-05-06T22:03:11+02:00