About Charlene Chauvet-Swart

Charlene is a full time 'husband supporter', mother of one homeschooled child and a fearless retired sky diver and business owner, who has dedicated her life to her family and spends her spare time contributing and adding value to the homeschooling community, as well as assisting in developing programs and running workshops to help people who require relationship and self-development training and support. Charlene's biggest dream is to see all people transform to a place where everyone will act for the sake and benefit of the whole at large, in order to create a world that works for everyone, everywhere, ultimately leaving an inheritable world for our children and all future generations to come. Her favourite hobbies are baking, fire hoola-hooping, teaching children how to spin poi, and writing.

Do you need help with your teenagers behavior challenges?


How do we cope during these times of turmoil and uncertainty? The overwhelming external and internal struggles that we are facing as adults, as well as children and teenagers, are so immense. Our current situation is creating tremendous amounts of fear, which a lot of people do not know how to handle. Everything is changing [...]

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Hoekom die Pestalozzi Trust? Ouers in Suid-Afrika is in ‘n dodelike stryd gewikkel. Dit is ‘n stryd om die harte en gedagtes en uiteindelik die lewens van hul kinders. Die stryd is teen die owerheidsmagte wat ouerinsette en -betrokkenheid uit die kinders se opvoeding wil weer. Alle ouers, ook tuisskoolouers, is in die stryd gewikkel, [...]

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