About Charlene Chauvet-Swart

Charlene is a homeschooling/educational advisor and a fearless retired sky diver, who traded her passion for the sport, to become a relaxed homeschool mother of a ‘one and only’ child. It was only after she sold her parachute, that she found out that homeschooling is not always as relaxed, as she anticipated. So in her attempt to escape those surprising ‘not so relaxed’ days, she enjoys baking, cooking, writing, fire Hoola hooping and Poi spinning. Her passion in life is children and her vision is leaving a world that is inheritable to our children and a world that works for everyone, everywhere. She loves doing charity work which adds value to the lives of children and babies and has spent many years in assisting with developing programs and running Consciousness Emergence workshops, which is designed to assist and support people with their relationships and self-development.

Why do homeschoolers resist assessing our children?


Why do homeschoolers resist assessing our children? Well, firstly, let’s look at a school classroom. It consist of 20-30+ children and ONE teacher. So there is no way a teacher will know where she stands with each child, right? Therefore, the school system uses assessment’s and rightfully so. We respect and appreciate that. Now, let’s [...]

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The Key to Successful Homeschooling= Discipline.


Those of you who have read my series: Nature vs. Nurture, Season 1, will know that I am a mother of thoroughness. I don't believe in half jobs. In my reality, we only give 100%. Even when it becomes boring, or sudden loss of interest. When we need to do something, we do it to [...]

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You don't normally go looking for 'alternative schooling' until traditional schooling fails you. But once you've joined KOA, you wonder why you didn't look sooner. We have 3 kids, Grade 5, 6 and 8, all currently with KOA, each with completely different characters, personalities and learning styles. KOA has allowed them each to grow and [...]

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What is Home School?


I ‘ve noted a lot of confusion, especially in South Africa, about the term – homeschooling, and I have reason to believe, it is a direct result of some institutions, incorrectly (and sometimes even purposely) adopting this word in their logos, and advertising their services, under this term. To best start the explanation between the [...]

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Classical Conversations Review


Classical Conversations is ideal for visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners. The program introduces students to an impressive amount of concepts. Through songs and movements memory work is covered, and lessons just seem to stick.   The Classical Conversations model involves community! Because families move through the program's content collectively, mothers are more likely to complete [...]

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GAHS before Parliament!


The Gauteng Association for Homeschooling appeared before Parliament this week on Tuesday, 29 November 2022. Our mission was simple, though not easy at all: to request the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education (the PCBE) to reconsider the Basic Education Laws Amendment (BELA) Bill provisions that pertain to home education.   In June 2022, we submitted [...]

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Our day in court!


As I get to the front gate of my home, I see the two police officers arriving in their vehicle, asking if I am Mrs. Swart and if they may enter my gate. I knew in that moment, that my entire family was in trouble and my child’s future was at risk. I gracefully invited [...]

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The flip side of the “socialisation question”…


"Socialisation", and those questions we know all too well from concerned friends, family members, and everyone else as well, “surely your children need the social element of a school”, “how will they ever learn to work independently of you – cut the apron strings mommy”! The list is endless, but I’m not here to criticise [...]

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Why Not Homeschool?


When I was getting ready to embrace the ‘rat race ‘of the Western civilization again, after 3 years had elapsed since giving birth and my daughter was now ‘ready for school’, according to the contemporary way of thinking. I decided to go knock on some school doors in order to see where my daughter would [...]

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Nature vs. Nurture Part 10 – Speech and Language Development.


As we continue part 10 of Nature vs Nurture, lets learn more about speech and language development from our interview with Speech Therapist and Audiologist Mignon Botes.   Are the best years to learn a language between 2 to 4 years? “No, I think, the best years to learn a language is from birth and all the [...]

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