About Charlene Chauvet-Swart

Charlene is a homeschooling/educational advisor and a fearless retired sky diver, who traded her passion for the sport, to become a relaxed homeschool mother of a ‘one and only’ child. It was only after she sold her parachute, that she found out that homeschooling is not always as relaxed, as she anticipated. So in her attempt to escape those surprising ‘not so relaxed’ days, she enjoys baking, cooking, writing, fire Hoola hooping and Poi spinning. Her passion in life is children and her vision is leaving a world that is inheritable to our children and a world that works for everyone, everywhere. She loves doing charity work which adds value to the lives of children and babies and has spent many years in assisting with developing programs and running Consciousness Emergence workshops, which is designed to assist and support people with their relationships and self-development.

Meeting with the Dept of Education for Working group.


As the chairperson for the Gauteng Association for homeschooling, I had the delightful honor of being invited to South Africa’s first “working group” meeting, with the Department of Education here in Gauteng on Wednesday, 18 May 2022. The meeting was scheduled to run for 4 hours, starting at 10am, with the intention of informing the government [...]

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Number 1 Reason for Homeschooling!


With school holidays here, we are feeling delighted and joyful. As we take our daily walks though the estate in which we reside, we notice the school-going kids taking a ride on their bicycles at 11 in the morning, or two primary-schooled brothers playing soccer at the local park. It is such a jolly feeling, [...]

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Wingu -Review.


I have always been pretty set on homeschooling. I finished my matrix by homeschooling so it was familiar for me. It took a bit of convincing for my husband but with the way national education currently looks for our country, there was no denying that homeschooling was the right route for our family. I follow [...]

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IEB, Cambridge or DBE: Which one to choose?


There are a number of systems available from which to study. The trouble is, which one does one choose? Most of the so-called ‘elite’ private schools use either IEB or Cambridge. All state schools are obligated to use the DBE systems, which is basically CAPS. It might help to understand some of the history of [...]

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