About Charlene Chauvet-Swart

Charlene is a homeschooling/educational advisor and a fearless retired sky diver, who traded her passion for the sport, to become a relaxed homeschool mother of a ‘one and only’ child. It was only after she sold her parachute, that she found out that homeschooling is not always as relaxed, as she anticipated. So in her attempt to escape those surprising ‘not so relaxed’ days, she enjoys baking, cooking, writing, fire Hoola hooping and Poi spinning. Her passion in life is children and her vision is leaving a world that is inheritable to our children and a world that works for everyone, everywhere. She loves doing charity work which adds value to the lives of children and babies and has spent many years in assisting with developing programs and running Consciousness Emergence workshops, which is designed to assist and support people with their relationships and self-development.

Why meditation is great for kids, and how to get them started


I’m pretty sure that no one needs reminding about what is happening in the world at the moment. You know, I know, we all know. Perhaps the only people who don’t know is that one guy in the Amazon or a hermit under his rock. But that’s about that. And all these things going on [...]

Why meditation is great for kids, and how to get them started2021-12-02T14:35:48+02:00

My daughter’s never been to school. And she’s thriving!


When I first became a mother, it was clear as daylight that this child needed me—her mother, more than anything or anyone else. At the time, I couldn’t tell you why. But now I certainly know why. I know nothing about teaching, nor am I a qualified teacher. I am, however, a mother, who is [...]

My daughter’s never been to school. And she’s thriving!2021-11-23T21:47:54+02:00

Some Exciting News!


We have some exciting news to share! We’d like to welcome three new members onboard the S.A Homeschool Beat team. Without wasting any time, let’s get to it and meet them straight away: Catherine Dorian Catherine Dorian is our new editor onboard. Catherine is an established school teacher from Massachusetts, USA, who has left the [...]

Some Exciting News!2021-10-06T21:31:51+02:00

Nukleus resensie.


“Nukleus Onderwys is beslis ‘n skool van die huis af plesier. Buiten vir ‘n gestruktureerde kurrikulum is hulle diens en hulpvaardigheid uit die boonste rake. Nukleus se kurrikulum is Caps georieënteerd met boeke wat sorgvuldig saamgestel is met kleurvolle illistrasie in die laer grade asook baie gebruikers viendelik. Studente het handleidings waaruit hulle werk en [...]

Nukleus resensie.2021-09-14T11:03:56+02:00

Nature vs. Nurture: Part 6.


I have always enjoyed digging deep for answers in everything in my life. Finding the absolute, uncompromised bare truth of everything is what I live for. Finding the heart of the matter, ultimately. And, therefore, I needed to get a second opinion about the methods I was following, after having being judged and criticised so [...]

Nature vs. Nurture: Part 6.2021-10-09T08:59:32+02:00

Why is structure and routine so important? Nature vs. Nurture PART 5


Once we were well settled into our ‘new lives’ as parents, there was something spectacular that stood out. We realized that our daughter had the ability to learn at a rapid pace, when we honored her routine and provided her with sufficient structure and discipline. Basically if and when she felt calm, safe and secure [...]

Why is structure and routine so important? Nature vs. Nurture PART 52021-10-09T09:01:12+02:00

Preparing our Children’s Education.


When a new year arrives, everyone is ready to prepare and welcome the new year with fresh eyes, renewed energy and much excitement, slowly re-awakening into the intentions that we have set for our children and ourselves. In the same breath, there are so many new homeschooling parents who don’t know where to start, who [...]

Preparing our Children’s Education.2021-10-09T09:03:17+02:00