About Charlene Chauvet-Swart

Charlene is a full time 'husband supporter', mother of one homeschooled child and a fearless retired sky diver and business owner, who has dedicated her life to her family and spends her spare time contributing and adding value to the homeschooling community, as well as assisting in developing programs and running workshops to help people who require relationship and self-development training and support. Charlene's biggest dream is to see all people transform to a place where everyone will act for the sake and benefit of the whole at large, in order to create a world that works for everyone, everywhere, ultimately leaving an inheritable world for our children and all future generations to come. Her favourite hobbies are baking, fire hoola-hooping, teaching children how to spin poi, and writing.

Homeschooling from a teachers perspective.


"I obtained my Teacher’s Diploma at the Teachers’ College,"says Martin, "and while I was doing my education degree in Education at university, my first job was to homeschool a Grade 5 boy." "I would travel to his home every day and give lessons in all subjects until 12h30," he continues. "But my introduction to homeschooling [...]

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Nature vs. Nurture part 4.


Welcome to Part 4 in this Nature vs. Nurture series, a parenting journey with lessons learned, toes stubbed, and victories celebrated. And if you need to review, go back and read Part 3 on our website. Truth is, this new parenting journey wasn’t easy. It was extremely hard the first couple of years when we [...]

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Homeschooling- All you need to know.


We all hit a roadblock sometimes and could do with a word of advice or encouragement. Intrepid reporter Gerda-Marié took to the "streets" and asked some homeschooling veterans for advice on questions that some parents have. Homeschool Beat has the scoop. Q: I experience a battle between my knowledge of school and the freedom of [...]

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Die Gauteng Alternatiewe Onderwys Ekspo.


Die KragDag-span, in samewerking met SA Homeschoolers, het weereens ’n suksesvolle opvoedkunde-ekspo op 15 Mei 2021 by die Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria aangebied. Die Gauteng Alternatiewe Onderwys Ekspo het gefokus op privaat alternatiewe tot staatsonderwys en -opleiding. Hierdie ekspo het voorheen grotendeels op tuisonderwys gefokus en as die Gauteng Tuisonderwys Ekspo bekend gestaan. Toe die [...]

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What is the Pestalozzi Trust?


What is the Pestalozzi Trust? The Pestalozzi Trust is a registered public benefit organisation established in 1998 by a group of Christians to provide affordable legal defence and advocacy services to protect the rights and freedoms of all member families to educate their children at home according to their own religious and/or philosophical persuasions, pedagogical [...]

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Introducing the South African National Home schooling association


The Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association (ECHSA) have had the dream of creating a representative structure that would be able to bring the concerns of the homeschooling community straight to the ears of those who have the power to make a difference. In October last year, that long-held aspiration has come to fruition in SANHSA, [...]

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Children need a calm environment- Nature vs. Nurture part 3.


"One of the first things I was taught by my late health and parenting mentor, Aleksandra Trent, was that children needed a calm environment - as well as very strong routine and discipline - from 3 months of age and through the formative years" This would offer structure for the child and enable them to [...]

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