Hi Xia, not too long ago your Mum shared a video with the homeschool community of you playing a lovely little Hungarian melody on your piano. I believe you taught yourself how to play this melody from your music book. We thoroughly enjoyed watching your performance of your piano recital on our homeschool group. For a 7 year old that was very well done. I think more so because you did that all on your own.

NK : Would you please tell our readers what has made you enjoy this instrument?

X : I like playing the piano because it’s lovely playing it and I like the songs and the Hungarian melody is a pretty song.

NK : You play the violin as well. Which instrument do you enjoy learning on the most?

X : The piano.

NK : How often do you practice during the week?

X : 7 times a week.

NK : Not too long ago you had a little oopsie with your violin. What happened on that day? Any advise on that subject for our young readers?😉😉

X :  I decided to tune my own violin, and so I turned the turning pins a little too tight and then my violin cracked at the bottom and I broke my violin. So don’t try to tune your own violin, rather let your teacher or parent do it for you.

Thank You Little Xia for sharing your beautiful world of music with us, I hope you continue to grow in music