Trevor Ryan graduated from Westering High School in Port Elizabeth in 1996 with distinctions in Mathematics, Physical Science and Biology. He then started offering extra lessons part time and used the income to fund all his university qualifications from UPE (now called NMU), passing all his modules with distinctions, including a BSc with Maths, Applied Maths and Physics, as well as BSc Hons in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. He started his MSc and PhD in applied functional analysis, but was not able to complete it as yet due to financial and employer constraints. Trevor has also completed several certification  courses in Human Biology and Medical fields including advanced first aid, doctor’s apprenticeship, as well as being involved with Covid-19 research and education.

Trevor is also a keen sportsman and excelled in several sports over the years at all levels as a player, referee, and commentator.

Trevor’s incredible passion for Mathematics and Physics, particularly as far as applications thereof to everyday life, has resulted in him extending his extra lessons into an academy of excellence such that the joy and beauty of these subjects may be made real to as many other students as possible whom can use it to contribute meaningfully to society in the future. He has a combined experience of 25 years of teaching, lecturing and tutoring across a vast range of different subjects, curricula and levels from primary school right through to tertiary university levels. He is able to produce clear and concise summaries of core concepts, together with perfect worked examples and thorough explanations, making full understanding much simpler for students. He has already produced many great Mathematicians, Scientists and Engineers over the years.