She is young, a mere 13 years old, determined, and successful.

Ellandri van Heerden has recently been ranked number 22 on the South African Female Junior Golf list, a well-deserved achievement as this player at QW Golf Academy practises golf daily between 09:00 and 12:00 at the Bloemfontein Golf Club under the supervision of her coach, Quinten Williams.

It runs in the family

For this City of Roses resident and her sister, Caitlen (9), the apple didn’t fall far from the tree: her dad, Bertus, is also a devoted golfer. Both siblings enjoy a game of golf with their dad on a regular basis, where he also teaches them the craft of the sport.

Facing the giants

Except for the high expenses linked to the sport, Ellandri also has to compete against several older women, in the sport, even pre-pensioner ladies. However, mom Elrica says, this doesn’t discourage their oldest girl at all: “other times, she competes against boys, and they don’t particularly like to compete against girls,” Elrica chuckles.

Keeping the “last hole” in mind

“Ellandri is a busy girl with lots of energy. She always embraces opportunities, never gives up and is working towards receiving a bursary in future. In fact, she is doing exceptionally well academically.”

Elrica says homeschooling fits the family as well as a glove, as it provides for flexi-time and gives Ellandri the opportunity to compete in tournaments across South-Africa. It was also the main reason the Van Heerdens started homeschooling their daughters.

This Impaq student dreams of becoming a professional golfer and proves to be multi-talented, as she is also a keen artist, chess player, and a fan of music, playing both piano and guitar.

“I am looking forward to competing again after this pandemic is over,” says an excited Ellandri.