Magriet has used Nukleus for 4 years, after having previously used another curriculum for 2. Her daughter was starting Grade 12 in the year that Magriet changed to Nukleus.

“It is very child and parent friendly,” says Magriet, “and the parent’s admin in minimal. My daughters (Grades 12 and 7) were able to handle their books themselves, and work on their own. I don’t have to sit with my kids and go through their work.”

Magriet had been introduced to Nukleus by a friend, and they immediately assisted with getting the necessary SACIA paperwork for her daughter to graduate that year: “it was incredibly awesome to get help right away. At that point, my Grade 7 daughter also moved to Nukleus.”

It was a “feast” to work from, Magriet said, from ordering the books to receiving the product, and the communication she received from nukleus. She even received memos and old papers, without having to download them. All in all, Magriet said, it was an awesome year for her daughter.

“The books are pretty and colourful! My child flourished in her Matric year. Even my Grade 7 daughter flourished. I was able to scan their work and email directly to Nukleus. Orals could be recorded verbally on WhatsApp and submitted to the subject head. At the end of her Matric year I forgot to apply for her Matric certificate. Nukleus quickly reminded me, and even send the certificate on.”

All of her daughter’s subjects, Magriet continued, were completed, and she obtained her university acceptance. Her Matric certificate looked exactly like that provided by the Department of Education.

“The standard of SACAI is very high. I am a big Nukleus fan. I don’t need to bridge anything. I really can’t say anything negative. I definitely recommend Nukleus for the new moms; you will not regret it.”

Magriet has smaller children in the Foundation phase and says that the Nukleus path is the one she will choose for them, as well.