Herculeen has been using Brainline for one term. Her child is currently in Grade 9, and they chose to follow the IEB route.

“We are still new to Brianline, which is virtual schooling and available in both English and Afrikaans. It the Secondary school years it becomes more mathematical, and is much more challenging for parents to teach.”

Staying on a farm Herculeen appreciates the online capability that Brainline offers. Because of problematic phone lines, she set up a communications process with Brainline, involving email.

“I receive an email from each of my child’s teachers, and feedback is prompt and good every time. Coleen (from Brainline) was very helpful and there were really no communication gaps. The initial application also went smoothly. After completing all of the application forms, I received feedback within an hour. I am very happy with Brainline.”

Wanda, another Brainline mom, said that Brainline was the only institution that allowed her to do a maths package only. Her sons, in Grades 8 and 9, started with Brainline maths.

“Brainline also assisted me with exception forms for my sons. It is very user-friendly! Brainline is becoming a more popular choice these days, even offering online Zoom classes. This fun interaction really assists in accomplishing the tasks at hand.